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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of frequently asked queries by homeowners just like you. Does your question not appear? No worries! Call us at  (816) 439-8015 or fill out our short form. We will be happy to answer any concern you may have.

1. How is using Reliable Cash House Buyers different from selling my house with the help of a real estate agent?

A real estate agent, use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to showcase your home to numerous potential buyers. This can mean several weeks or even months of multiple walkthroughs until you find the perfect buyer. Plus, when the sale goes through, you’re responsible for title fees, closing costs, and the agent’s commission.

Unlike traditional methods, as investors, we can purchase your house promptly with cash or connect you with other buyers who can do the same. After renovations, we resell the property for a profit, which is how we generate income. When you choose to sell to us, we handle inspection and closing costs, don’t charge any commission, and pay you in cash. This means no need for an agent and fewer expenses for you, resulting in a faster and smoother sale experience.”

2. What makes a cash offer the right choice for me?

Working with an agent to sell your house can feel like a lengthy process, involving inspections, repairs, and a constant flow of visitors touring your home. Your initial asking price might fluctuate as you factor in repairs and negotiate who will cover what costs with the buyer.

However, with us, we assess your situation comprehensively and handle all the upcoming costs associated with selling your home. This enables us to present you with a fair offer and swiftly take the property off your hands.

Even if your home is in great condition, selling to us remains an excellent option for those seeking a quick sale. Once we evaluate your property, we’ll discuss whether listing with an agent or selling directly to us is the better fit for your needs.”

3. Who are you?

We are a real estate solutions company based out of Kansas City. We’re a family-owned business with a focus on helping homeowners like you find solutions to any problem. Whether you’re going through a foreclosure, can’t sell your property, or just need to sell your house fast in Missouri. Reliable Cash House Buyers can help. For more on who we are, visit our Our Company page.

4. How does it work?

We cut out the middlemen like realtors, lenders, appraisers, and inspectors and offer cash for your property, whether it’s a house, condo, apartment, or land, regardless of its condition or location. It’s a fast and hassle-free process. To begin, we conduct a thorough market analysis (CMA) of your home to determine its value after renovation, aligning with today’s HGTV standards. Then, we visit your property to evaluate needed repairs and the costs involved in purchasing and reselling your home.

To keep our business running, we factor in a reasonable profit margin. Our goal is for everyone involved to benefit from a fantastic deal. Rather than focusing on large profits from a few, we prefer to help many with smaller margins, ensuring fairness for everyone. Transparency is key for us, so we provide a detailed breakdown of all costs. We want you to feel confident and satisfied with your decision.

You can skip the expenses, hassle of walkthroughs, open houses, multiple inspections, and lengthy listings with an agent. If you’re curious about how our all-cash, as-is transactions work, take a look at our How it Works page. Feel free to reach out by calling or texting us at (816) 439-8015 for more information. Even if selling to us isn’t the best fit, we’re here to assist you with selling your house!

5. Why should I choose your company?

We take pride in our commitment to trust and transparency. Our approach is simple: we break down every financial aspect clearly, so you understand why we’re offering the price we do and how much profit we aim for. Rest assured, we strive to provide you with the best possible offer. You’ll also see exactly how much time and money you’re saving by selling to us. Our honesty and fairness have earned us an excellent reputation throughout Missouri.

We’re proud to be Missouri top cash home buyers. Our approach is all about integrity, respect, and expertise, making us the trusted choice for cash home sales in the area. We prioritize your timeline, needs, and preferences, aiming to present an offer that leaves you thrilled. Our extensive network of investors and partners is here to make your transition to your next adventure smoother and faster.

6. What do you do with my house once you buy it?

Once we buy your home, we start the process of refurbishing it. This includes handling repairs and remodeling to elevate it to HGTV standards. We then collaborate with an agent to list and sell the house, covering all costs like repairs, closing fees, and commission. The small profit we make allows us to continue assisting other clients in selling their homes stress-free. It’s rewarding for us to contribute to communities and the economy by enhancing neighborhood values across the state.

7. How many houses do you buy?

We’re in the business of buying multiple houses, which allows us to offer you the best price possible. While our profit margins may be smaller, it’s a win-win situation because we work with many clients, which adds up over time. This approach lets us help more people and positively impact the communities we serve. If we’re unable to buy your house, one of our investment partners might. We collaborate with experienced professionals in the house-flipping industry. Additionally, we partner with trusted local attorneys during the closing process to ensure a smooth and speedy selling experience for you.

8. How do you determine the price you offer for my house?

To start, we assess the after-repair value (ARV) of your house, which is the potential market value after we complete the necessary renovations following the purchase. A specialist from our team visits your home to estimate the repair and refurbishment expenses.

While you get to skip the agent when selling to us, we do need to engage one to list the house after purchase. This covers holding and closing costs, fees, taxes, and a commission, typically around 10% of the after repair value (ARV).

Lastly, we deduct the repair, refurbishment, and selling costs from the ARV, and then include our minimum profit margin. That’s how we arrive at the fair price we offer you. Often, this amount is comparable to what you’d get through traditional selling methods, minus the extra expenses you’d typically cover with an agent. The difference is, with us, you receive the money quickly in cash, without the usual hassles of agent involvement and lengthy listings. It can sometimes take months to find a genuine buyer through traditional routes.

9. Can you expect a fair offer from us?

We take great pride in our reputation, ensuring that we always offer a fair price. Our process is transparent, breaking down every detail so you understand how each dollar is allocated and why we propose the offer we do. It’s a straightforward equation: market value post-purchase with repairs and upgrades, minus those expenses and selling costs. We then add our modest commission to the remaining amount, presenting you with a cash offer for your house.

10. Do I have to clean my house before selling it to you?

The best part is, you don’t have to worry about cleaning or fixing anything in your house. Just leave it as it is, and we’ll handle everything after buying your home. It’s one of the conveniences our clients appreciate about selling this way.

11. Will you still purchase my house if it’s in poor condition?

Absolutely! We specialize in house flipping as part of our business. We plan to handle repairs and upgrades to boost the market value after purchasing your house. This saves you from the hassle of doing it all on your own upfront, and in the end, you’ll likely receive a similar selling price from us without the prolonged hassles. Typically, we aim to close the transaction within a month, but sometimes it can happen as quickly as two or three weeks. Our goal is to make selling your house a breeze for you.

12. Wouldn’t listing my house with an agent on MLS be simpler?

While there are situations where listing with an agent might suit you better, it can also be a drawn-out and cumbersome process. Constant visits from potential buyers, coordinating with appraisers and inspectors, and handling repairs on your own to meet your desired price can all add up to quite a hassle. Renovating your property could increase its value on the market, but the expenses for these upgrades can quickly add up, and they usually come out of your pocket.

Dealing with weekend open houses and the uncertainty of possibly lowering your price after weeks or months can be quite stressful. Plus, even after finding a buyer, the closing process can drag on for weeks. We provide a quick, hassle-free solution to get the cash you need for your home, allowing you to move forward with peace of mind.

13. Will you list my house on the MLS?

We don’t list our clients’ houses on the MLS. We’re not agents searching for buyers for your home; we are the buyers! We determine the best offer and present it to you. We manage the entire process from beginning to end. After purchasing your home, we take care of necessary repairs and then sell it for a profit. Meanwhile, you receive cash without any delay. We provide you with all the detailed calculations involved, ensuring you feel satisfied and confident with the outcome.

14. Should I just list my house with an agent?

Listing with an agent can be a good option depending on your timeline and the condition of your home. However, the traditional route can often lead to frustration and stress. Showings, inspections, and weeks can turn into months before finding a buyer. Plus, there’s always the risk of a buyer’s financing falling through, which means starting over again. If you’re looking to sell quickly and avoid these hassles while getting cash in hand, Reliable Cash House Buyers is here to give you exactly what you need.

15. How can I sell my house fast and get cash?

If you Google this question for the state of Missouri, you’ll find us right on the first page! Buying houses quickly for cash is our specialty. Here’s how it works: we’ll chat with you about your home and its location to determine its top market value. Then, we’ll visit for a walkthrough to assess any repairs or upgrades needed. After calculating repair and selling costs and subtracting them from the market value, we add our small share. The result? An offer we think you’ll be thrilled to accept! Even better, we can close the deal in as little as 21 days. Say goodbye to the long waits and headaches of finding an agent and listing your house—you’ll have cash in hand before you know it.

16. Will I need to pay any fees or commissions if I choose to work with you?

You won’t have to worry about any fees or commissions with us because we’re not realtors. The fees and commissions are only paid when we sell the house after purchasing it from you. Here’s how it works in three easy steps: first, we determine the market value; then we factor in repair, rehab, and selling costs along with our profit; finally, we present the offer. Once you approve, we’ll work together to choose a closing date and sign the necessary paperwork with a trusted local attorney. It’s a quick process, and you’ll have cash in hand.

17. Am I Obligated to work with you after filling out the form?

You’re under no obligation to work with us after filling out the form. Even if we start the process and you decide it’s not the right fit for you, you won’t owe us anything. We’re confident that you’ll appreciate our service, but it’s okay if you change your mind and prefer a different approach. We’re here to help you find the best solution for your needs. Our payment comes solely from the profit we make after buying and selling your house.

Maybe you have a few questions, and that’s perfectly normal; many people do. Here’s a brief list of some common questions people ask us, along with our answers. If your question isn’t covered here, feel free to reach out to us (or give us a call), and we’ll gladly provide you with the information you’re looking for.

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